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Our Contact Person and Consultant in Sweden:

me-Blue3eAbe Ekbatani: +46 (0)73-639 92 96


Hello. My name is Abe. I have the honor to reinforces hereby Dr. Aslan Hair Clinic's international team of advisers. I, as contact person, represent the clinic and will be happy to answer any question you may have. I can even answer your general question regarding hair transplantation. If I cannot, I will contact Dr. Aslan and come back to you soon. I speak English, Swedish and Persian (Farsi).

You are always welcome to contact us via the following e-mails:



Our Clinic Location:


19 Mayıs St. No. 37, U.B.M. Plaza, 4th flr #13

Şişli, İstanbul, Turkey


Dr. Aslan clinic location







contact Us +46 (0) 73- 639 92 96






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