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The History of Hair Loss Treatment;

The Evolution that fed into A Revolution!




Finding a way to cure baldness had been an old and a long-standing desire for those who had been sufferers for hair loss. Already before the Second World War, it was known in Japan how to transplant hair follicles from head to other parts of the skin. Interventions were made as part of the reconstruction following example burns. They were adept at building new eyebrows, and also described their methods in Japanese scientific journals. Years later, western medicine discovered the Japanese findings. Norman Orentreich (born 1922), a New York dermatologist, is regarded as the father of modern hair transplantation. The groundbreaking was that Orentreich discovered that the hair at the temples and in the lower half of the back of the head are not affected by the hereditary male balding, and that this hair retains the property even if the hair follicles are transplanted to the bald area of the scalp. This led to the establishment of the theory of 'donor and recipient dominance', making it surgically possible to transplant healthy 'androgen insensitive' hair from the back of the scalp to the ';androgen sensitive'bald areas in the front where it would take and grow permanently.

Hair loss has always been the cause of much suffering and anxiety, because hair is the most noticeable part of human body. We have seen people modify their entire lifestyle by stopping social activities or hiding behind hats. Trying to cover up the baldness by changing the hairstyle usually leads to eventual embarrassment and frustration. Although some try to downplay hair loss, for many people it can be the start of depression and consequently very disastrous. Baldness causes both psychological discomfort and loss of confidence. Having an attractive appearance usually leads into possessing a positive self-image which is an important element of the psychological balance. Furthermore, for many people -– especially people in their early teens -– body image can be closely linked to self-esteem. This is why cosmetic defects like hair loss can cause a lack of self-confidence and more complex psychological problems.

Many men and women are still victims to the old thought “there is nothing you can do about hair loss.” This is incorrect, in this day and age hair loss can be stopped and the loss replaced. We at Dr. Aslan Hair Clinic have access to advanced procedures to return your full hairstyle again. In Turkey, hair transplantation has marked a significant progress in recent years. Turkey is not only the best tracker of the new developments in the world, but also the innovator and pioneer in the application of some new techniques. In our clinic, all surgical procedures are performed by a specialized team focused on patient satisfaction while respecting ethical rules of medicine. Our clinic is recognized and approved by the regulatory authorities and supervisors of the Ministry of Health.



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